State of Grocery by Pod Foods: Data and insights to thrive throughout the chaos

Pod Foods
1 min readDec 5, 2020

This was a year unlike any other for the grocery industry. In many ways, 2020 amplified existing challenges in the grocery supply chain and acted as an accelerant for necessary change across the food industry — including in the distribution space.

In this report, we share insights from the year that add another perspective to macro-scale consumer behavior at point of sale.

Increasingly, point of sale data fails to reflect the entire story of what consumers want. This is because it does not account for all the products that do not make it to the shelf as a result of inadequate incumbent supply chain solutions. With the industry and supply chain under added strain, this was especially true in 2020.

As part of the report, we also offer tips for brands to grow next year and succeed in the changing landscape.

About Pod Foods: Pod Foods is an intelligent wholesale distribution platform connecting retailers and brands. It is the first and only full-service platform solution in the industry. New grocery supply chain means new perspectives… check out our state of grocery report using the link below!