Pod Foods 2021: The Distribution Solution for Growing Food & Drink Brands

What is Pod Foods and how did it start?

Pod Foods is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with retailers. We’re logistics-enabled and data-driven, which is how we differ from other marketplaces out there.

Has Pod Foods redefined food distribution?

Yes. There is still much to be done, but I think we’ve opened up a whole new way of approaching food distribution. Traditionally, this industry has always been driven by supply — retailers have to purchase from the inventory that distributors carry in the warehouse.

Who do you work with?

We work with brands of all sizes — our core market being emerging brands. We also work with any form of retailer that’s interested in buying these products; grocery stores, online or physical retail stores, restaurants and foodservice companies — essentially any business that wants to buy wholesale for resale purposes.

Do you focus on specific food products?

The brands we work with focus on natural, healthy, and sustainable goods. Beverages as a category has also been pretty strong for us due to a high level of innovation, as well as quick shelf velocity.

How are you tackling the growing concern of sustainability?

The most obvious way we approach sustainability is by providing a distribution channel for all the brands that manufacture sustainable products — we help them to get their products out to market, and help them grow.

What hurdles have you met along the way?

Starting the company was a challenge in itself. It was like the chicken and egg scenario (and continued to be as the company grew), choosing which brands to work with, and then which retailers, and vice versa…

How do you see the future of Pod Foods?

Data is the name of the game. As we continue to grow the platform and distribute more products, we’re constantly collecting more data which allows us to provide more insight to our customers. This enables them to make better decisions.



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