A Message From Our Founders

Pod Foods
3 min readFeb 11, 2020

Dear everyone,

You might have noticed that we are looking a lot more purple than we have ever looked in the past. Hooray! Today, we officially announce our new Pod Foods branding. We wanted to send a quick note to shed some light on what the new era means to us and what you can expect from us moving forward.

It’s been nearly 3 years since we shut down our Green Pea Cookie company to create a grocery supply chain for emerging brands. We envisioned the new system to be data and demand driven — designed to bring the most relevant growing brands to their customers in retail at the right price anywhere in the country. Such a vision reflects a massive change in the industry, and every day we’re making headway with input and support from our great customers. The rebrand represents our vision and the future of this company as a national distribution solution.

Why purple?

Historically, “good food” and “natural food” meant green and brown. But when it comes to emerging brands, good food is the norm. With purple, we’re celebrating uniqueness, boldness, and bright stories. Goodness and nothing-fake is a given.

Why caps?

The story of Pod Foods is a coming of age story. On this journey, we and Pod Foods are coming into our own, just like many of you with your food companies. All lower-case didn’t feel right anymore. Plus, a lot of people were writing POD foods anyway. So now you can just scream it out loud and proud. Like a Point. Of. Distribution. Or a Proof. Of. Delivery.

What’s the shape of the logo mark?

There’s a hidden P in the circular logo. The P is rolling forward on its way somewhere, like a spoke on a truck wheel. Or like hundreds of awesome brands rolling into the market, or a green pea cookie on a mission, or the circle of life, or point-to-point delivery… or a welcome rebirth of food logistics! The P is the white space, the connector, the vehicle by which authenticity of emerging brands and stories can shine through and reach their full potential.

What’s next?

2020 is about Pod Foods growing for our brands and stores, wherever they want to go. We’ll also be introducing more advanced analytics services and forging partnerships to unfold the vision into reality. We are now set up to service all United States with Pod Foods Direct, and when volume in a region warrants it, we’ll activate full-service distribution anywhere in the country. So whether you’re a brand or a store, let us know where you want to go. Our team is growing and we consider you to be a part of it.

Thank you

Many of you have been with us since day one. You’ve seen us through changes in pricing, logistics, the platform, the team, geography, and services. Our vision of distribution is affirmed by the fact that you’ve stuck with us throughout these leaps and bounds, and we are excited to keep improving every day. We’re in it together!


Fiona Lee and Larissa Russell

The Founders