This was a year unlike any other for the grocery industry. In many ways, 2020 amplified existing challenges in the grocery supply chain and acted as an accelerant for necessary change across the food industry — including in the distribution space.

In this report, we share insights from the year that add another perspective to macro-scale consumer behavior at point of sale.

Increasingly, point of sale data fails to reflect the entire story of what consumers want. This is because it does not account for all the products that do not make it to the shelf as a result of…

Provo, Utah — November 10, 2020 Brandless™, the community-driven, direct-to-consumer company acquired this year by Clarke Capital Partners, has partnered with Pod Foods as part of its relaunch strategy. In accordance with the partnership, Brandless products including its non-toxic household cleaning supplies, personal care, healthcare, and beauty items will be found in select brick and mortar retail locations across the country early next year.

Pod Foods is a tech-enabled wholesale distribution company backed by M12 (Microsoft’s venture arm), Moment Ventures, and Unshackled VC, which leverages a transparent, B2B marketplace and end-to-end logistics network to help retailers procure the products…

Times are tough, and with so many unknowns, small businesses need access to capital. COVID-19 has taken a toll on small businesses across America, but fortunately, there are programs put in place to help alleviate economic stress for those in need.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP Loans)

On March 27, Congress approved the Paycheck Protection Program to be administered through the Small Business Association (SBA) as part of the CARES Act, focused on businesses with 500 or fewer employees. Most of these loans are expected to be forgiven if they’re used for designated proposes during the eight weeks after being funded…

April starts this week and the world seems to have been completely upended by COVID-19.

The food industry was in the middle of a massive shift even before this era: a shift in consumer demand away from consolidation in the food system. Consumers have grown more conscious and aware. They want fresher, better-for-you food products with functional health benefits. They want personalization. And they want it all to be affordable and accessible with the click of a button.

A new wave of consumer behavior meant a new tech-enabled distributor was needed to meet the needs of consumers’ favorite new products…

Dear everyone,

You might have noticed that we are looking a lot more purple than we have ever looked in the past. Hooray! Today, we officially announce our new Pod Foods branding. We wanted to send a quick note to shed some light on what the new era means to us and what you can expect from us moving forward.

It’s been nearly 3 years since we shut down our Green Pea Cookie company to create a grocery supply chain for emerging brands. We envisioned the new system to be data and demand driven — designed to bring the most…

A modern, innovative distribution solution for emerging food brands

Pod Foods New Logo

Pod Foods has entered a new phase of growth with a rebrand and the launch of Pod Foods Direct, a direct-to-store initiative complementing its disruptive regional food distribution service, cementing the company’s national reach.

With Pod Foods distribution, emerging brands get a scalable, cost-effective, data-driven platform enabling them to get on grocery and retail shelves across the country, no matter their size.

Pod Foods Direct, allowing brands to reach buyers anywhere in the country, coupled with Pod Foods distribution centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, allows…

Selling your products to grocery stores is an intensive process that can reap huge rewards. In part one, we dove into the beginning phases: how to research for success, planning for profits, and preparing for orders.

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success, let’s look at what it actually takes to pitch to a buyer and get that yes.

Get to know your distributor

Before a store will take a chance on your product, they need to know that they’ll actually be able to get it first. …

For many small business owners, seeing your product on the shelves of stores like Whole Foods or Target is the ultimate accomplishment. But getting into retailers isn’t a piece of cake.

Before you take the leap, you’ll need to put time into researching the industry and your preferred retailers to ensure as successful a presentation as possible.

Do your research

The very first step before pitching to retail buyers, is to research your products, competitors, and potential stores. Here are some things to consider.

Who is your target audience?

Does your product cater to a wide range of consumers or does it fit into a particular niche? Would…

Food entrepreneurs create technology-enabled logistics supply chain model to bring the fastest growing segment of F&B market to retailers across the country

  • Pod Foods investors for the 3 Million seed round are Moment Ventures (lead), Unshackled VC, and M12.
  • Launched in Chicago, IL June 2019, their second market.
  • Since Pod Foods launch, the company has worked with over 350 brands in the Bay Area

Pod Foods, a software and data-enabled distribution and logistics platform designed to efficiently bring emerging food brands to retailers across the nation at a fraction of the current cost, has closed a $3 million equity seed…

For small food businesses, media coverage can have a huge impact on gaining brand recognition, selling more products, and becoming a major player in the food industry. But getting media coverage is not as easy as it sounds.

News sites and media outlets can get thousands of new products press releases a day, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few tips to help your brand get noticed by industry decision makers (and in turn, grow your business!)

Niche down

Instead of fighting thousands of other companies for attention on a handful of major websites, look instead…

Pod Foods

growing brands into retail

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